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Build With Hussain

Learn to build world class web apps

Personal Computer

I use the Apple MacBook Pro 16” (32GB RAM, M1 Pro) as my daily driver. All the streaming, editing, and coding is done on this beast.

Keyboard: Logitech K380 Wireless

Mouse: Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse


  1. Raycast: Replaced my MacOS spotlight with this super powerful command palette. This is also where the confetti (🎉) comes from! I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to the confetti animation.

    Confetti Option in Raycast

  2. VS Code: Code Editor of Choice. Always. The magical autocomplete you see on the streams is GitHub Copilot.

  3. Cleanshot X: For everything related to screenshots! This app is worth every penny. You can add cool backgrounds, annotate, and more. Here is screenshot I posted on SM which was taken using Cleanshot X:

    Build With Hussain Frappe Insights Dashboard Screenshot

  4. Open Broadcast Studio (OBS): for live streaming. It is nicely integrated with YouTube so you could just connect you account and start streaming an scheduled stream. You can even schedule a stream and access the live chat from right inside OBS!

    I have setup scenes for a lot of scenarios like screen share with guest, talking Hussain etc. and I just have to click to switch to a scenes (basically a setup of audio and video sources):

    Summary of my OBS setup

    OBS interface is fairly simple and does not need much learning.

  5. vdo.ninja: Used to stream guest and guest screen, makes it a breeze!

  6. Arc Browser: Everything through the command bar! My most used keyboard shortcut is CMD + T to open the command bar!

  7. DaVinci Resolve (FREE) for all the motion graphics (intro video) and video editing needs.

  8. Screen Studio: For those sleek demo videos with automatic zoom/pan and mouse following!

  9. Figma: For all the design needs including thumbnails, product design and more.

Streaming Hardware

  1. Blue Yeti Microphone directly plugged into my MacBook with Tonor Microphone Arm Stand

  2. Wacom Intuos CTL-6100/K0-CX for that doodling and diagraming!

  3. This Green Screen, so you don’t see what’s happening on my background 😉

  4. GiftMax® Photography LED Video Soft Light Panel for lighting.